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Updated: Oct 13, 2019

The cold air snuck through the cracks of my windows as the storm flaunted power with hail and thunder. 

I went to retrieve a sweatshirt from my closet and as I moved some of my clothing around to find my favorite grey hoodie, a delicate moth flew toward my face and then over to the side table to rest.  I couldn't recall how he travelled into my apartment in the first place but I was happy he was able to successfully seek shelter during the storm.

I went for a walk once the rain had stopped. The birds chirped loudly as they danced with each other on the tree branches above. I imagined them discussing their new agenda now that the storm had passed. I looked up to the sky to see half grey clouds and half pure white. The sunlight refracting from the white clouds made it almost impossible to admire directly so I focused my attention toward the wet asphalt and floppy leaves scattered instead.

Clarity always fills the air once the raindrops from a storm complete their falling. A refreshing feeling almost necessary of assembling a new resolution. A resolution to act as a reward for withstanding a storm.

Tempestuousness and darkness are the vitalities behind the glory of goodness. Without either we would stay stagnant within pleasantness slowly loosing our ability of fully understanding greatness. 

Just as I imagined the birds discussing their new agenda I thought about what mine would be as well.  In my thoughts, I played around with symbolism of the now passing storm in thinking of ways of becoming a better version of myself.  But within the beauty of opposition between the pure white clouds and the antithesis of grey clouds I was reminded not to strive for omnipotence rather stay content with being human.  I don't always need to have some grand plan for myself in order to progress.  Some moments I find it to be enough staying still, being content and enjoying peace within my mind.  Today I am happy with myself with nothing more and nothing less; all that I am.  If the clouds are too bright to look at perhaps focusing on the floppy wet leaves scattered lies the greatest beauty?

As I opened my door to my house upon returning, the little moth that had stayed inside with me while the rain fell had found his way outside to his new life of freedom. There was sadness to see my little friend leave to his new life but happy to know I wouldn’t have too many holes in my clothing after all. Although I would have preferred that the case instead his death by wet wings.

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