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Life is filled with so many moments worth living, worth sharing, worth remembering.  Life is made of the crumbs that fill our plate. 

A sharp blue blazer over a crisp white button up, nice jeans and camel suede shoes he walked up to me at a beautiful roof top bar over looking Washington Square Park with the clear sky and stars above.

He asked, “What did you think of the film?” “I loved it.”  I said with a smirk on my face. “What was your favorite part?” He inquired further. “I love that it was my idea made into a documentary.”  I answered back.

I had been working with a brilliant team for nearly two years before a producer picked up our pitch and turned our vision into a reality.  A documentary about ethical companies in developing countries working to bring work opportunity and empowerment to women.  It had become a documentary that was being shown at Sundance and the rooftop party was in celebration of the premier.

I told him that this film was my baby, a project that I had been passionate about for over six years and that it had finally spread its’ wings.  He was very impressed.

A very passionate and successful mind born and raised in Washington DC with a family deep in politics and a true desire to see the world change for the better in all the ways that I agree – that anyone could agree.  He had been living in New York City for over twelve years working on his art and his activism.  We were inseparable from that night and still to this day.

I’ve always said, “I will never stop dreaming because I never want to stop living my dreams as they come true.”  I dreamt of this life for myself since I was young.  A life of living with a purpose, with a desire to pursue change and open hearted to finding loving people. This is my life now and it is cherished.

Waking up in white warm sheets and a fluffy duvet I looked across the bedroom with soft pine wood floors and floor to ceiling windows.  The Hudson River just outside where the light subtle rain drops dropped down the windows.  It was cold outside but it was warm where my heart woke.  And as I turned to him on the other side of the bed he was already awake and waiting for me join.  He placed his arm over me and leaned down to kiss me good morning.  I touched his soft lightly bearded blonde face and picked myself up just slightly enough to kiss the side of his nose softly and then smiled.  Good morning.

He went to the kitchen first to start the coffee – I may have met a human who loves coffee even more than I do which is super rare – I pulled on my favorite silk robe to wear as I admired the beauty of the stillness outside.  Our tuxedo cat, Pike, brushed up against my leg and squeaked his morning hello.  I picked him up to feel his purrs and we walked out into the kitchen.

It was quiet in the kitchen except for some clanging of pans, toast popping up from the toaster, coffee being poured and soft humming from a song that he and I both love endlessly.  I had my book already opened deep into chapter twelve and as he came over to me at our little round table by the cold and dewy window he set my hot coffee and plate of toast down off to my right.  As he sat with his coffee and toast he removed the newspaper that was tucked under his arm and opened it directly to World Politics.  I haven’t been able to figure out why he still reads a newspaper especially in such an age filled with infinite technology but it’s one of my favorite things about him.  I wouldn’t change a single thing about him.

As we read and crunch into buttered toast we laugh and bring up interesting thoughts that provoke us within our reading.  Life is challenging and complicated.  It’s hard when we struggle, when we doubt ourselves, when we think we just might not have enough… but it’s these moments that make everything ok.  It gives it all meaning.

I look up at the window as the rain starts to come down harder and Pike stands tall and proud on the table curling his tail up and down almost to the beat of the rain.  I can’t help but smile.  I turn to look at him too with a smile.  The crumbs stuck to his slightly scruffy beard bring so much happiness to my heart and as I lean over to brush them off of his face he grabs my head lightly to pull me in for a kiss.  With crumbs on both of our faces we grin from ear to ear. Laughing I say, “but we have to get these crumbs off!” He pulls me over to his lap and there’s nothing else we’d rather do than solve the New York Times crossword puzzle.  Moments within the crumbs scattered in the cold morning made warm are the moments that you just can’t brush away.

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